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Continuing the discussion from I want to be able to play crazycraft in a small and friendly group and i recently got my brother banned from your other server so i wanted to be able to make it up to him especially as he WAS close friends with brodiekick and he really liked playing on it:
Im his brother that was playing on his account. he didnt know i knew his password or he got banned until today


you have to make a ban appeal


sorry For what happened, my older brother told me what had happened and if you can trust me that my older brother did it when i went on my trip(school) i dont know how he got my mc pass but im sorry for what he did and he feels guilty for it.Its ok if you dont forgive what he said or done. but can you help me with the ban appeal.


go to this read it then my an appeal Making a Ban Appeal [READ]


I got banned around a year ago, I’m sorry for messing up spawn with webs, It was very immature of me to do that and I shouldn’t have done it. I recently got back into Crazy Craft and I really Enjoyed your server. I hope you can forgive me and unban me.


oops wrong thing, didn’t mean to write hear.


what is your ign @Blind_Of_Sight I will review your case personally.

@Mynx_uk Head Admin.

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