Mod rejection FML Mod, please halp


:sob: I read other related topic but it’s not the same so i think i can create this new topic.

i got this error when trying to join the server. is this the void launcher errors or it’s just mi?
i downloaded the technic launcher but when i click PLAY, nothing happened.
please halp mi, i really wanna play crazy craft :tired_face::sob:


Can you go to your mods folder for the modpack and see if these files exist there

props{2.0.2} [Decocraft] Decocraft.jar

youtubers{1.7.1} [Youtubers+ Mod] Youtubers+ Mod.jar

will be in this location on a PC



if i keep those 2 files, the minecraft only loads 2/7 then stops. :worried:


That is strange we should maybe walk you through technic launcher see if thats any better


yes please :sob: im so noob i tried many things on youtube but it didnt work
senpai please notice miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :worried:



first start by downloading Technic launcher and logging in with your minecraft account and password

once logged in there is a search area in the top left in there type “chilli” no quotes

then click on the chilli cc3 and then click on the install in the bottom right corner
once downloaded the “install” button will turn into a “play” button clcik that and the game should load


i already did it. but when i click play, nothing happened. :worried: should i reinstall?


It seems out time zones are way off

reinstall sounds like the way to go


are you on a 64 bit computer and what operating system are you on

64 bit computer ?

Windows Linux Apple OSX ?

also there are some posts on these forums somewhere about reinstalling and updating java etc Ill see if I can find them


im on 64 bit Window 7
i already followed the instruction and reinstalled the Java and voidlauncher
i dunno what happened :cry: is this fate? that i cannot play crazy craft cri cri :sob:


so when you hit the play button it just does nothing


as for technic launcher, there’s a bar running at the bottom, loading something, after that nothing happens … :open_mouth:


Download this archive contains my versions of the decorcraft and youtubers mod from my .crazycraft/mods folder

Try these and see if void launcher will run with them


before trying to get this running have you ever had technic installed ?


i have never installed technic before. void launcher doesnt work for mi so i read a thread in this forum and installed technic some days ago :chicken:

Unable to open the CrazyCraft Server

:cold_sweat: hmmm im sowwie but it stopped loading at 2/7 again…

My name might be changing so
Unable to open the CrazyCraft Server

We are going to check your memory settings for the lunacher gimme a sec i seem to recall this issue all of a sudden

WhiteList application [vecterwolf]

Get to the Void launcher and in top right click on the cog or wheel then click options

untick the LET JAVA DECIDE box

and try and put 2048 into the min and max boxes

if there is the option to APPLY PERMGEN FIX the click it

then go back to the modpack tab and try to launch

Also in the technic launcher there are similar options for memory you have to give Crazycraft at least 2GB see what you can find

the more memory you have the better how much ram does your computer have