CC3 Timed Out Please Help


I have Been Trying to get on CC3 for a few hours now and is keeps saying “timed out”
My IGN is KaisunEarl


But It Says 6 people are on so idk whats wrong ive restarted my router and computer multiple times


it says there is 6 people but there is not 6 people playing the server cause it said that for 2 days i dont think so 6 people will play the server for 2 days straight and not even one of them quite and the server is broken for everyone @MACMAN @Mynx_uk or any admin if you see this please fix it i am bored and i wanna help on the server really badly


i played for a few hours the day before yesterday but yesterday i didnt get on at all


Update: i can now get on the server


another update: i now cannot join now after being off for about an hour its saying timed out again