BanApeal (Upperthunder566) now FrostyRogue


About one year ago I was banned for griefing spawn, I used the Iron Spider Suit to shoot webs all over spawn, It was very immature of me to do that and I am greatly sorry for my actions if I did the server any harm. I hope you all can forgive me for my actions, and unban me. Just saying I have changed my Username to FrostyRogue


It was The Chilli Crazy Craft 3.0


what was your ign at the time please.


It was Upperthunder566 Mynx


Now then, First you are now unbanned, second if you do it again you will never return to the chilli server.

I hope you realise that I only forgive 2% of players and that you are one in 300 that get this chance. please do not do it again.


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