Application to enter crazy craft server/Crazycraft3.0 {Ageha_Demise}


I have read and agree with the rules and i am not to break the following:

  1. Be respectful to staff and other players
    2)Racism and hatred are not allowed
    3)No begging for ranks or op [Includes being part of help for staff]
    4)No caps
    5)No advertisement or spamming
    6)No hacking or exploits
    7)No griefing or scamming or spawn killing
  2. Have fun
    {My reasoning in joining this server}
    For all of these i completely understand and will follow through and i am glad to have finally found a server like this i wanted to find one to record on for my streams on YouTube and twitch and finally finding this place makes me and my subs and followers happy. If you get the chance to review my application i would be grateful. also as you can tell i would be on a ton making episodes or streaming for the channel.
    In Game name
    My ign is ageha64

Thank you so much for this chance,Sincerely Ageha_Demise